Most amazing shot I've ever personally witnessed

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Mini 14, Dec 22, 2010.

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    A couple of days ago, I brought home a new Remington VTR in .308 that I've wanted ever since we got it in the store. I've shot .270 most of my life for deer, but have reached the age and taken enough that I just don't shoot deer that often anymore (I'd rather see how close I can get them to me, and unless I need meat, or it is "Megarack" I just don't pull the trigger much these days).

    Coyotes are a different story though, and .308 makes more sense for those worthless pieces of shit. :)

    Anyway, I finally had a chance to go out yesterday afternoon and sight it in with a buddy of mine who wanted to sight a couple of his in as well (slug guns and a 300 WSM). The sun was setting and we were wrapping up when we saw a pack of coyotes running the far property line about 800 yards away. My buddy picks up the VTR, drops a shell in the chamber, takes a deep breath, holds it, and squeezes off the round, all while I'm thinking "let him have his fun."

    The trailing dog exploded about a second later, dead center of the spine.

    817 yards with a rifle he'd never fired. The buzzards are surely loving him today.

    I want that guy on my side when the revolution starts :)

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