More reasons to boycott France

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    One More Reason For Bill O'Reilly Call to Boycott France

    Yesterday, Fox News Bill O'Reilly renewed call to boycott France in his O'Reilly Factor because Jacques Chirac wouldn't call Hezbollah terrorists.

    Bill also sold out Boycott France Bumper Sticker at

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    Here is one more reason that Bill may add to his brave call to boycott France. According to Reuters Internet Report, "France's national library has raised a 'war cry' over plans by Google to put books from some of the world's great libraries on the Internet and wants to ensure the project does not lead a domination of American ideas."

    Bill's anger has its reasons. Indeed for years, French hasn't gone with the U. S. in such as war with Saddam, and French hating speaking English to tourists in Paris.

    National Review reporter John J. Miller co-wrote a book Our Oldest Enemy : A History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France, in which Miller goes back three hundred years ago in 1704 a group of French and Indinas massacred British colonists at Deerfield, Mass.. Miller argued that French also did harm to American Civil War by supporting the Confederacy, and in twentieth century French didn't do much good to America, including World War II, Vietnam War, Cold War, and War in Iraq, but French has envolved as the leading opposition to the U. S.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Miller's systematic case to put French on the seat of the oldest enemy to America, you have to admit that French is the one of the loudest voices in the world to compete with America super power. Since French has never been a super power in the past century, French is the most active advocate to establish EU to go head to head with the U.S. Jacques Chirac has been seeking for the president of EU. Before Iraq war, Tonny Blair was ahead of Chirac, but Blair strong supporing Iraq war hurt him in the race. Chirac is pulling ahead now.

    Peace loving is Chirac's politician's posture, while this 'war cry' over Google plan tells the real French fear and ambition to compete the "domination of American ideas".

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