More personal tales of government meddling in interactions between private citizens..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Liberty, Dec 2, 2012.

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    I took my dog to get his sensitive ears plucked as it is a difficult task to accomplish. There is some medicine that they had in their hands and recommended to help the irritation. However, due to a government forced monopoly on job regulations, I was told that I would unfortunately have to reschedule and setup an official appointment so that there was a record of a visit to protect the vet from being fined or ultimately losing their government approved license. What this means to me, the consumer, is that, due to force, I am unable to make a voluntary transaction. Instead, regulation is costing me an extra unneeded $40 + gas, time, and the added delay in my dog healing.

    Later I will be getting a haircut from someone that according to me, has met my standards of being qualified to cut my hair. However, they do not have an approved government license. I would love to give a good recommendation; however, I fear that you might call the police to come raid our voluntary transaction. Until next time, statists.

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