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    1. "Through various sources, in addition to Obama’s use of the number, they determined the same SSN was originally issued in Connecticut sometime around 1976 to another individual who was born in 1890.

    Records indicate Obama didn’t start using this particular SSN until 1980, although there are several other numbers associated with his name, none of which were issued in Hawaii, or any other place Obama has ever lived or worked for that matter.

    Obama’s use of the Connecticut-issued SSN can be readily verified by anyone as it is imbedded in his fraudulently created Selective Service System records.

    Hollister provided this Examiner, with a copy of the results from the Social Security Number Verification System (The United States Social Security Administration) used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility, using Obama’s name, birth date and the Connecticut-issued SSN.

    The results came back as “Failed” with a Verification Results Code 1, which is defined as: “SSN not in file (never issued).”Hollister v. Soetoro/Obama eligibility case to be reconsidered by Supreme Court - Phoenix Crime |

    2. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Colorado Springs man who claims to have records that proves Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate was forged could face criminal charges because he is alleged to have illegally accessed an online Social Security database.
    Retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister impersonated Obama with the Selective Service and managed to get a card with President Obama’s Selective Service information on it, a blogger posted on last week.

    Hollister told the Colorado Springs Gazette that a private investigator gave him what is purported to be the president’s Social Security number and he then accessed the Social Security Number Verification Service to find out to whom it was issued and to access Selective Service documents.

    The site allows registered users to verify names and Social Security numbers for employment purposes and warns that using it under false pretenses is a violation of federal law.

    Hollister told the Gazette that according to the Social Security Administration, that number was never issued, but that's the same Social Security number that appears on Obama's Selective Service documents.

    Hollister said the Social Security number on what he says is Obama’s draft registration begins with the numbers 042, which would be issued to someone born in Connecticut, not Hawaii.

    Hollister and others birthers claim Obama was born in either Kenya or Indonesia and that his birth certificate showing he was born in Honolulu in 1961 is a forgery. The Constitution requires that the president of the United States be a natural born citizen.

    Hollister has challenged in a lawsuit that Obama is not an American citizen. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear that suit on Jan. 18.

    Hollister could face charges of identity theft and fraud.

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    Is this gonna rile you 'believers' up?

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