More Military Futility Of Bush Policy Continuing

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    Recent President, Sitting Bush II, of terms I and II--had tried so hard to Stimulate the Economy, with tax cuts for the Rich, That an absolute return to the Military Build-up of the now-famous, "Reagan-Trajectory" became necessary. The Previous Yale University educated White House--and Mrs. White House(?)--had already cut taxes so much that nearly 40% of filers had no further income tax liability.

    So the Bush White House took off for the ranch while the Al Qaeda fanatics were on their way to New York City. Millitary Planning was just somehow, under way. Actually, of course, the Al Qaeda, who are still not Taliban, where a criminal organization, and not a war-making organization. Therefore, Al Qaeda became a target of military planning, instead of international, coordinated, police planning and action.

    Lots of procurement, build-up money would happen: And be spent. According to then Senator Joe Biden, apparently there would not be enough of it spent to equip U. S. troops in the field. Military Planning was under way, and therefore hundreds of billions would be spent.

    U. S. soldiers killed 4000 of their buddies, intentionally, clearly, being in both Afghanistan and in Iraq without basis. A Reagan-Styled, military build-up was under way. The 4000 killed, and all of those wounded: Were simply, apparently, not well-liked.

    Which brings up the question, "Who Likes Who, Anyway?"

    Pakistan Taliban taps Punjab heartland for recruits --

    Military planning was first unable to win over the hearts and the minds of the various factions and tribes of Afghanistan. Military planning was secondly unable to win over the hearts and minds of the various factions and tribes of Iraq--who are slowly back to "at it" again.

    Bush was unable to win over even the hearts and minds of the out-right bribed Pakistanis, and so now the Punjab are starting to be won over instead by the Taliban, who are not Al Qaeda now, and never were before: And soon may be the ruling faction in both the nation-states of Afghanistan and of Pakistan.

    Military planning does this to people, keeping the soliders in U. S. Military Uniform from liking one another: And getting them killed, wounded, and disabled forever instead.

    Therefore, the Washington Press Corps is on-board with how tough the decision-making really is with respect to Afghanistan. There is now also Pakistan to be included.

    Anyone notices that Persia is ancient, and civilized, by comparison.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Squatting Tush: Now hate object even again--by still others! Washington, D. C., of course: Is really now very much past all that--and that--and that--and that--and. . . . .?)
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