More Eau De Kenya In D.C. Schools: Aid Workers In Our Nation(?)

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    So apparently the Obama Liberals, led by Senator Durbin of "Change You Can Believe In," fame: Have even discovered starvation-level Kenya in the United States. Co-incidentally, it just happens to be the same school district that the Obamas avoid like the plague of death and starvation! Like with the absent, nightly coverage, of the atrocity now rife in East Africa: These children likely don't fit the image of "Change You Can Believe In."

    The opponents of the low-income, special school program: Also appear to be avoiding the D. C. school district: As though this district, and these children, are in fact death itself!

    Congressman Joe Pitts: Recent Commentary: Low-income students victims of special interest politics

    The aid workers/teachers, of our nation's Capitol School District--and apparently their union--have other ideas for the money for the low-income "challenged,' in the pricey district, rife with federal employees. That would, of course, mainly include any federal workers who actually live in Washington, D. C. itself.

    All kinds of deathly silence becomes the entire concept arising of "Change You Can Believe In!" The children tend to be heavily black, the aid worker/teachers tend to be overpaid. Anyone wonders how that could come about--no doubt some spirit of cooperation.

    It is noted that Sidwell Friends is nominally Quaker, and that William Penn's Friends Colony is actually a state, and that Nobel Laureate Ostrom. . . .is suddenly very rich. Oslo does that too people!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (No doubt all of Europe is alarmed(?). . . .Well, Ready, itself!)
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