More Canadian hypocrisy (as usual), "free trade for you, but not for us!"

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    Canada tells Europe and America "you need to have free trade!" So of course we can exploit you and look for angles to take your jobs and industries. However, Canada has trade barriers between provinces, even worse in some cases than we do against rogue nations like China or Russia.

    Another day another fraudulent narrative from Canada...

    Still wrapped in red tape one year in, internal trade deal is a dud so far | CBC News

    Everyone loves to talk about interprovincial trade - but tangible progress is scarce

    On the day they released the Canadian Free Trade Agreement in 2017, all the provincial and territorial trade ministers were given a symbolic pair of golden scissors to remind them to start cutting interprovincial trade barriers.

    The trouble is, they aren't using them.

    The scissors were gifts from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, a relentless advocacy group for whom harmonizing — and ideally, cutting — government regulations is a mantra.

    Its president and CEO, Dan Kelly, said he's seen his snippy trophies proudly displayed in ministers' offices across Canada. But one year after the trade deal took effect on Canada's 150th birthday, July 1, 2017, has any tangible progress been made?

    Well ...

    "It's slow-going," he said. The process lacks concrete timelines. He's still waiting for the interprovincial trade committee to set priorities, let alone roll back barriers.

    "I don't think there's anything that has changed, other than a commitment to start some work," he said, laughing a bit when asked to identify which specific irritants have been settled between provinces in the deal's first year of operations.

    It's easier to point to reasons things stalled.

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