More About Efficacy Keynesian Spending--GOP Made Customer Cut Back!

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    The reason for the Stimulus Spending is now apparent in statistics. Consumers have cut back $175.00 per month, intended by The Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked on Other People's Yachts--Dumping Substance and Other Treasure, Into the Sea.

    If there was a baby in the bathwater: It went. . .well(?)!

    Americans cut spending $7 300 since recession- MSN Money

    Chairman Ben Bernanke, Hero of Our Nation, is suggesting the willingness to increase Stimulus Spending in the economy. The Republicans took away the customers, opposed to the arithmetic of the New Testament, and directly found in Exodus 22::25-27. The poor found their low interest mortgages adjusted--beyond affordability. The rich houses all came tumbling on down. That was their concept, of "laissez-faire."

    Chairman Ben Bernanke, Hero of Our Nation, further testified in Hearings today that the bailouts actually created profit that helped to reduce the deficit. That was not "laissez-faire!"

    Notably, the Party of Boehner-Cantor-McConnell-Romney-Pawlenty-Huntsman-Cain-McCain-Palin-Bachman-Paul-Paul, et. al.: Opposed all the bail-outs, the reduction of the federal deficit, and the Stimulus putting spending in the stores. The famous Cash For Clunkers put people in the stores. The bail-out of the auto industry but things in the stores to buy--in the one sector. The Schedule M refundable, Make Work Pay Tax Credit, put purchasing power into the lower income neighborhoods. The Mortgage Bankers and their Republican kith and kind had taken all of that, all away.

    They have now taken property values, all away. . .which they have done before. The attempted genocide of White People carries on in America!

    The Party of Abraham Lincoln does that to people. Even the Santa Clause, Schedule M, was taken away!

    Hoover was supposed to do what Obama did. FDR could have been in their pitching, himsel--new supportive devices now being what they are, and bionic.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (New Rep. Janice Hahn, from Los Angeles: Defeated an allegedly, Christian Man: Who Lost One Million Dollars! Republicans from CA House District, 36: Now Welcome and Adored on Land of Many Nations!. . .Where they can come to play like that, mainly 24/7)

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