Mordred's Imaginarium Ideas: Reagan/Trump

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    Imagine that a time-traveling knight from Medieval England arrives in America/TrumpUSA and is interviewed about the 'quality' of consumerism in the 21st Century by CNN interviewers intrigued by the unusual knight's esoteric commentary about 'capitalism-consciousness tailoring' (thinking that the knight is a journalist working for a moderate-conservative fanzine based out of Canada).

    What is the 'doctored aesthetic' of TrumpUSA? Should we care about the quality of capitalism craftsmanship?

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    MORDRED: Thank you for hosting this televised interview.
    CNN: You claim to be a time-traveling knight from Camelot!
    MORDRED: The very-same knight who defied King Arthur.
    CNN: Mordred died on the battlefield...
    MORDRED: You historians present ideas about possible outcomes only.
    CNN: So you, if you are Mordred, express 'great confidence' about destiny!
    MORDRED: I'm intrigued by your TrumpUSA bravado-mentality...
    CNN: What're you referring to, Mordred (we love your gold armor)?
    MORDRED: Thanks; this armor was made by a craftsman; TrumpUSA is a kaleidoscope.
    CNN: A kaleidoscope?
    MORDRED: Just think about it good sirs; TrumpUSA is a capitalism/consumerism shop!
    CNN: A shop or a candy-store?
    MORDRED: Yes, a place for great purchasing of spiritually-oriented consumer spirit.
    CNN: What about all our media confetti?
    MORDRED: Well, there're media fireworks and media scandals...
    CNN: Are you a fan of Reaganomics?
    MORDRED: Reagan was your 1st celeb-prez; Trump is your 2nd; I prefer 'Trumponomics.'
    CNN: What is 'Trumponomics' in your estimation?
    MORDRED: An express investment in consumerism-leveraged goods/services flowery.
    CNN: Flowery?
    MORDRED: Yes; it's why you celebrate a casino-owner as your President; it's all cotton.
    CNN: Cotton?
    MORDRED: Yes; TrumpUSA creates ample room for great traffic imagination.
    CNN: What about war?
    MORDRED: Of course...the nature of auction-oriented society aesthetics inspires piracy!
    CNN: What kinds of 'piracy' do you reference?
    MORDRED: Your American child-like fascination with WikiLeaks/Facebook is a 'theme-park.'
    CNN: And 'pirates' want to profit from all this 'modern urban trumpetry.'
    MORDRED: I'm returning to Camelot; concluding TrumpUSA is a 'phonics trumpet.'
    CNN: Good luck...and may you have fantastic 'daydreams' (as a democracy-journalist).



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