Moonlight Medusa: Dianetics Fable

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    Does modern media remind you of the Rapture?

    This 'parable' was inspired by The Matrix.



    Ajay was a cop on a motorcycle and he was a fan of American media, Hollywood, and alternative-religions marketed in consumerism-friendly civilization --- namely Scientology. Ajay would watch Dianetics/Scientology ads on TV while growing up and began following movie-stars (John Travolta, Tom Cruise) who endorsed Scientology in the media. Ajay was now tracking a psychotic copycat killer named Hewitt who was driving a fancy sports-car and modelling his crimes after the American horror-film The Hitcher.


    Ajay finally arrested Hewitt and delivered him to the D.C. center from the criminally-insane, Arkham Asylum. At Arkham, Hewitt drew eerie and goofy color-pencil stick-figure doodles of the Marvel Comics super-villain Red Goblin, a demon of pure anarchy. Ajay was asked to interrogate Hewitt one day at Arkham, since he was the arresting officer. Ajay asked Hewitt why he seemed to hypnotized by Red Goblin, and Hewitt eerily replied, "Medusa and the AntiChrist approach Earth; the Red Goblin shall pave the way...and destroy American consumerism."


    Ajay knew Hewitt was securely jailed in Arkham Asylum. Arkham's maximum-security wing was modelled after an old-world European jailhouse, so the inmates could creatively ponder the meaning of their incarceration. The guards even dressed up as old-style European jail-guards. Hewitt continued to make his Red Goblin doodles in this offbeat area of Arkham, and Ajay began studying about Hewitt's strange 'omen' about Medusa and the AntiChrist approaching Earth. Ajay got the eerie feeling that Hewitt was some kind of 'prophet.'


    American film-makers were busy making countless comics-adapted films such as The Avengers, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Fantastic Four. These films captured a new age social fascination with urbanization-paranoia, vigilantism, civil unrest, and anti-capitalism angst. Ajay wondered about Hewitt's strange omen that demons from Hell were about to ascend to Earth to bring deadly messages about anarchy. Ajay perused some of the new age comic book art which featured graphic characters and compared them to the media's proliferation of pro-populism philosophies and free-speech values (e.g., Scientology tolerance).


    Ajay was in church praying when he swore he saw the visage of the demon Medusa. Medusa appeared to him as a vile but beautiful woman with hypnotic eyes and a poisonous stare and a head full of snakes. Ajay quickly deduced Medusa was a 'sentinel of evil' and wondered why she was visiting him in church. Ajay realized Medusa wanted him to be her 'messenger' but he hoped secretly she only wanted him to hep the poor and insane Hewitt. Ajay decided to write to celebrity Tom Cruise and ask him about media-ads about Scientology and religious tolerance. Ajay wondered if Medusa wanted him to be the 'priest' who would signal the coming of the AntiChrist.


    As Ajay feared, the AntiChrist did appear on Earth and took the form of a very popular movie-star who was making capitalism-critical films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Catch Me If You Can. The AntiChrist was about to make a movie about an idealistic American cop who was discovering more about evil than he wished; Ajay realized the film was about Ajay's personal spiritual journey. Ajay realized Medusa and the AntiChrist were on Earth to seduce humanity away from the otherwise pro-democratic notion that the media facilitates psychiatric open dialogue.


    Ajay decided to investigate about the CIA and NSA's activities in securing American cyber-networks and protocols so as to prevent terrorists from hacking into key communication labyrinths. As the anniversary of 9/11 approached, Ajay wondered if ISIS terrorists or even Cobra terrorists or perhaps a rogue fanatical gang committing 'copycat-terrorism crimes' would target a symbolic Western-civilization computing infrastructure target such as an IBM headquarters of NASDAQ itself. Ajay decided to ask celebrity Tom Cruise what the actor thought about the spiritual links between Scientology and his recent futurama-paranoia film Edge of Tomorrow. Ajay was surprised to discover that Cruise was a tremendous fan of Facebook.


    Ajay decided to go back to church and pray some more, and this time, he heard the voice of an angel comforting him and telling him that the 'forces of light' would successfully contend with the faces of darkness in this modern age of great ingenuity, commerce, and networking. Ajay wondered what angels would arrive to tackle the scheming Medusa or even the unrighteous AntiChrist. Ajay decided that the best way to pray about liberty and sanctity was to espouse the wisdom of optimism towards commerce/capitalism. That night, Ajay picked up a Japanese comic book about a pro-Republican female super-archer named Anty who was tackling Cobra terrorists. Ajay decided that Anty would be his secret/private guardian-angel protecting him from the venomous disposition of Medusa.


    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Tom Cruise's films?
    CARTER: I like American Made...
    TRUMP: I'm intrigued by Cruise's use of media to advertise Scientology!
    CARTER: Yes, populism and religious-dialogue seem to be important to Cruise.
    TRUMP: Perhaps there will be a great 'media tribulation.'
    CARTER: Who will be our defenders?
    TRUMP: Journalists and journalism of course.
    CARTER: The press has demonized you, Mr. President.
    TRUMP: They don't like my 'style' of unfettered speech.
    CARTER: They think you're basically a 'loudmouth.'
    TRUMP: Well, I'm not the Devil, Carter!
    CARTER: No, you're not.
    TRUMP: I believe media can rescue America from this new age 'immaturity.'
    CARTER: Maybe your Twitter-tweets will be considered 'symbolic.'
    TRUMP: If the AntiChrist reigns over capitalism, Americans need real patriots.
    CARTER: We need cops and officials to actually care about 9/11.
    TRUMP: Let's go watch Justice League on Netflix!
    CARTER: I'm a big fan of 'savvy optimism,' Mr. President.


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    /----/ Well crafted. Consider the correct way of writing dialect. When there are only two characters in a conversation, it's not necessary to list each name on the line. Your readers are smart enough to follow a conversation. Talk It Out: How To Punctuate Dialogue In Your Prose
    Consider this:
    " Are you a fan of Tom Cruise's films?" Trump asked.
    "I like American Made..." Carter said.
    I'm intrigued by Cruise's use of media to advertise Scientology!
    Yes, populism and religious-dialogue seem to be important to Cruise.
    Perhaps there will be a great 'media tribulation.'

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