Mojo2: Pro Romney Vs Anti Romney Poster

Discussion in 'Bull Ring Discussions and Call-Outs' started by Mojo2, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Mojo2: Pro Romney Vs Anti Romney Poster

    I am new to all this calling out and one on one formal debate stuff.

    I just believe that anyone who reads the reading material and watches the videos I suggest will no longer oppose Mitt Romney.

    I believe they will conclude he was the better person for the job on Election Day 2012.

    Anyone care to take up my challenge?

    Prove that Mitt Romney was not the best candidate for POTUS on Election Day 2012.

    My conditions are that you must read no more than 10 articles or published pieces of no more than forum software allows in numbers of characters per post.

    And that you watch a reasonable number of videos from start to finish the video's number and length to be agreed upon by both of us.

    Is this how it's done?

    Is this all that needs be done to get the process started?

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