Modern Artisans: Symbolic Replicas(?)

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    Replicas and toy-models of real-world objects of great symbolic functional value (e.g., telephones, kitchen-tops, guns, trains, ,etc.) reveal a human fascination with utility and commerce.

    Indeed, that's why we see Hess Corporation model gas-stations and miniature-trucks, Tonka construction vehicle toys, kitchen-cooking toy sets, and of course the iconic toy Walkie-Talkies.

    The children's toy plastic phone is arguably very 'archaeologically symbolic' for the modern era, so how will archaeologists of the future look at our era's design/marketing of toy phones (and other toys/crafts symbolizing great civilization utility/functionalism)?


    ADAM: I purchased a toy phone for my daughter.
    EVE: I just made a scorpion-sculpture with wires for my son.
    ADAM: The toy phone is more symbolic of imagination.
    EVE: I disagree; my wire-scorpion represents modernism-jitterbugs.
    ADAM: The toy phone represents a youth's interest in conversation!
    EVE: My wire-scorpion is a symbol of modernism intelligence!
    ADAM: Archaeologists will value this toy phone as more iconic.
    EVE: Archaeologists will think of my wire-scorpion as 'modern artisanship.'
    ADAM: Well, we can agree that both the toy phone and the wire-scorpion are unusual.
    EVE: Sure! I'd imagine both placed in a well-framed ghost-story (e.g., Poltergeist).


    {Plastic Toy-Phone & Wire Scorpion-Sculpture}


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