Mitt Romney supports national individual mandate

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    “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation.”
    - Romney in Baltimore, Feb. 2, 2007

    “Well, that’s what we did in Massachusetts, and that is, we put together an exchange, and the president’s copying that idea. I’m glad to hear that.”
    - Romney, June 24, 2009

    MITT ROMNEY | Two Views

    What Mitt "If I Only Had A Nickel Every Time a Baby is Murdered - Oh Wait, I Do!" Romney REALLY meant was:

    “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing [the health care individual mandate], then that will be a model for the nation, unless Obama supports it, in which case, it becomes unconstitutional, communist, and evil, and gosh darn it, if I can't be the one to implement it then no one should! Bwahhh!”
    - Romney in Baltimore, Feb. 2, 2007
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