Mitt Romney: My Effective Tax Rate for the Last Ten Years? About 15%

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IndependntLogic, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Love it. Not that it's news to anyone but the 1% and Corporations pay
    a lower effective tax rate than the Middle Class.
    Why? The GOP has eliminated the deductions of the Middle Class and
    increased the deductions and loopholes of corporations and the 1%.
    It's that simple.
    Of course, idiots and brainwashed drones can't comprehend this but the
    net effect is evident to those whose eyes are open or those of us who
    benefit from these policies (I've paid an average of 18%).
    This is why the income disparity is so great in America and if the GOP
    is given it's way, will continue to widen.
    It's not just all the advantages given to corporations and the $200K+ set -
    which are set up so that only they can take advantage of them,
    it's the fact that every deduction the middle class had, has been eliminated by
    until their marginal rate and effective rate have become almost
    exactly the same.

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