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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by Sevendogs, Nov 24, 2003.

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    :) After 9/11, Bush started very well. This was his real chance to gain popularity after his dubious election. He did not finish with bin Laden and went to Iraq without a good reason. He exposed our troops to terrorists, wasted money and missed his greal - fight terrorism. Real weapons of mass destruction are those schools for suicide bombers scattered in Pakistanm Indonesia and other muslim countries. Now, we have hole in the budget, our troops scattered and cannot protect themsleves. I doubt, if Bush would get away with this at the next elections.
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    Welcome, Sevendogs :)

    Thousand of citizens dying, unaccounted for chemical weapons, failure to abide by resolutions, oppression of the people, torture and maiming... You're right, we should have allowed it all to continue for another 12 years.

    As opposed to the American citizens being exposed to terrorism? What is our military there for if not for facing the enemy?

    Honestly not sure what you are trying to say here. But, fighting terrorism, saving lives, rebuilding schools/bridges/roads/banks/government & removing a regime that killed it's own people is not a waste of money.

    And we should leave them all be to gain strength. I mean, why expose any of our troops to terrorists?

    Oh, that's right, I forgot about the budget. In that case, we should have let the people die. :rolleyes:

    Perhaps if there is formidable competition, which there is not.

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