Minority minister assassinated in Islamabad who responsible?

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by sharif, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Minority minister assassinated in Islamabad who responsible?
    I extremely condemn, hurt and dis-appoint to get news that Minority Minister was victim of terrorist near his house. The question is who is behind his killing but what message want to convey that those who are killing any people by whose instructions?

    Which source they are getting finance, training plus hiding after the incident but still our Government failed to over come and complete destroy their entire net work. If they are common Muslims than which Islam they follow? Only spoiling Islam image down in the entire world and West can say Islam is the terrorist religion. But I want to say the terrorism have no place or relationship with Islam. Those who are killing any human beings are worst than animal (PIGS and DOGS)

    It is the duty of our Government to ensure the life and property of every common citizen but more shameful and regret that 2 import personality killed in Islamabad one is Salman Taseer Governor of Lahore killed by own body guard and Second one Minority Minister killed terrorists.

    The organization Fidayan-e-Mohd Mustafa (SAWW) of Al-Qaeda Punjab want to proof what that they are MAD, or Brainless? Why they killed innocent or any one whom they think did any thing against Islam. A true Muslim definition as our Last Prophet Mohammed Mustafa ( SAWW ) quotes “ From one Muslim hand and tongue other is safe or un-harmed”

    The big question is which source they get financed and still our Government did not arrest and punished in real sense.

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    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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