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    Dennis Miller is the best thing on FOX. As far as I know he only does a few minutes a week on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday night. Here’s the video from two days ago:

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    After Bill O’Reilly went into his usual spiel about respecting the office of president Miller appeared to agree with my take. My take is that respect is gone for all time when guys like Bill Clinton and Hussein can get to the office in the first place. A few presidents before Clinton took respect to the edge of disrespect, but it was Clinton and Hussein who pushed respect off the cliff. Miller did not elaborate, but I like to think he sees it as do I.

    As far as personal attacks go, witty political observations from the Mark Twain-Will Rogers School of Humor are museum pieces in today’s world. Even Bob Hope’s mild political monologues gave way to the nastiest of standup comedians. So Jon Lovitz going salty on Hussein is an anomaly when measured against the number of personal attacks liberals level against non-liberals —— the most vicious attacks are reserved for conservatives rather than establishment Republicans.

    If you pay attention at all you have to know that the politics of personal destruction works regardless of media reports that Americans want it to stop. Media spin fortifies the liberal monopoly on the politics of personal destruction. The monopoly works so well many a non-liberal was destroyed while liberal scum are given a free pass. If personal destruction did not work liberals would have dropped it a long time ago.

    Non-liberals are fools when they do not attack every piece of liberal garbage personally. Take the Clintons as examples:

    Respect for the office extends to former presidents. Bill Clinton should have been destroyed personally for what he is, instead, he is “respected” to this day because the Monica Lewinsky thing was pooh-poohed away. The worst Clinton endured for all of his peccadilloes was a bit of crotch humor.

    Hillary Clinton fared better than did Bubba. That lying, crook, is as bad as her husband because she enabled him as well as covered up for him long before the Blue Dress. She is also a drunk. Hussein joked it, yet she is secretary of state —— seriously thought of as presidential timber. What do you think the politics of personal destruction would do to a conservative, man or woman, with Hillary’s track record?

    Finally, Dennis Miller was at his best with the Heinz Ketchup bit. I would add that John Kerry has more than 57 varieties if B.S. His treasonous foreign policy positions and love of the UNIC (United Nations/International Community) are predicated on protecting all of those Heinz processing plants around the globe. There’s nothing wrong with protecting property and income —— there’s plenty wrong with betraying America’s sovereignty to do it.

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