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    " catastrophe " by chris ruddy

    " klinton downsized our military so much that we had no ships to fuel our ships at sea - thus the attack on the u.s.s. cole " p. 51 = 17 dead sailors

    " reagans war " by peter schweizer

    " 1977 had 14 major sub accidents due to carter military cuts " p. 100

    let me explain what this means - lets say congress passes a spending bill for the military of 80 billion dollars - once the bill is passed into law - the money flows - a demokrat president takes half the 80 billion dollars and gives it to communist social programs like americacorp or planned parenthood or acorn etc. etc. - the public is told that the military just got 80 billion dollars- gee - how much duz our military need ?? the communist demokrats say nothing because anybody with a (D) after their nam is a communist who hates our military = republicans will say nothing because anybody with an (R) after their name is useless -they just want to be liked by demokrats and the media - our vaunted communist media will say nothing because they turned communist in the 60s - and our military cant say anything because it is illegal for our military to get into politics- so the amerikan people think our militaqry got 80 billion dollars
    this is why komrade pelosi said of the communist health bill - just pass the bill to see what is in it - once it was passed by our communist demokrat senate - the money started to flow - billions went to hire over 1000 IRS agents and hundreds of more govt. workers and hundreds of taxes and laws and rules and punishments for us

    visit n. korea now - see what amerika is going to look like in about 10 yrs
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    Granny says, "Dat's right - dem generals is spendin' too much money...
    Congress Sends Trump $700 Billion Military Spending Bill
    16 Nov 2017 | WASHINGTON — Congress on Thursday sent President Trump a sweeping defense policy bill authorizing a $700 billion budget for the military.

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