Mike McQueary did not report incident to us, police chief says

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    Mike McQueary did not report incident to us, police chief says
    November 16, 2011
    Mike McQueary did not report incident to us, police chief says - latimes.com


    You want me to believe that McQueary saw Sandusky sodomizing a 10 year old boy so vicious that he made slapping sound against the child’s body equal to a beating and the child was not screaming out in distress and McQueary did not inquire of any injury to the child? A man body slamming a 10 years old child has cause injury to the child and scaring would remain today. McQueary did not say what he observe in the child. Was he crying? What was the child’s condition. A man does not witness a child being raped and not call the police and detain the Sandusky and the child? McQueary saw a man raping a child and did nothing. Running and telling the coach and his father is doing nothing. He could have stopped the molestations then.
    Once is enough to be raped and children put themselves in the position to be raped over and over again?

    I see a lot of grown men who are no longer children looking to cash in children’s tragedies. Remember the these men are no longer children and no longer think as children.


    He saw Sandusky molesting a child and he did not detain him and call the police? What did he think he was doing. Stealing a candy bar? What would you do if you saw a man molesting a child? My first instinct beat the hell out of Sandusky and then call the police. McQueary had a moral duty to call the police first. Where does McQueary’s responsibility to this child began and ends? This boggles my mind. Paterno is not law enforcement?
    McQueary needs to be investigated.

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