Might be a good idea for Romney to run on 'all energy' in texas

Discussion in 'Energy' started by ScienceRocks, Apr 21, 2012.

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    If Romney was intelligent he wouldn't run against Wind energy in states like Texas. The reality on the ground is that in 2011, Texas had 10,233 mw of wind energy...Thousands of farmers are using their lands in making a profit from wind energy, so it might hurt Romney in Texas to run against Wind. Kind of like running against using corn for fuel hurts people for office in Iowa!

    A better idea is to run on all of the above stance this election!
    -natural gas

    He(romney) MUST Pound Obama on the fact that he wants to base our system off of something that isn't ready yet, but DON'T attack it as useless as it's useful at the level it's being applied on the small to mid scale. Secondly, ask him why he want to raise energy prices through the roof! Why does he want to hurt poor people? Tell him flatly, Pretty much tell his base that your president is trying to hurt you...Forcing you to choose between food and energy, medicine and food, which ever party you're in, you can't say that raising energy prices on the poor isn't going to hurt them...For what ever reason, we must do what ever to balance the equation between clean air and helping the poor.

    The fact that Obama is siding with one side against the other isn't right.

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