Middle Class the "New Poor". Who will they vote for?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rdean, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Republican policies have made much of the Middle Class into the "New Poor". Traditionally, Republicans have convinced the Middle Class to vote for them. The message of "Vote for us or you must be envious" doesn't seem like one that will get much traction.

    Republicans can't even say "poor" without saying "go get a job" or "you need to get off food stamps". Can they really get a man elected who make $10,000.00 bets at the drop of a hat? A man who probably has twice as many mansions as John McCain? A man who put thousands out of work to hoard as much money as possible? A man some refer to as a "Vulture Capitalist"? A man who says we must talk about "income inequality" in "quiet rooms", well hidden, I'm sure.

    And the wild lies about Obama. You know those will come out in the following months. And if a Republican gets elected, what will that mean? Not just the death of the Middle Class, but the total annihilation?

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