MGTOW and migrants are the same thing

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    I remember reading a comment someone made about how American men are leaving their women behind in a peaceful land and going to fight, whereas Syrian migrants are leaving their women behind in a war-torn land to go to a peaceful land. However, this misses the point that they are not their women. Most of them belong to sheik whoever with a hundred wives. The rest of the men were reduced to banging goats and trading fellatio with their buddies. Why would they give a **** about the sheik's harem? Besides, it's not like they could do anything about the bombing raids and war in the region anyhow.

    In short, they have no loyalty to the place they are leaving behind and no loyalty to the place they are going to. So, they get to leave and go to a peaceful country where women walk around freely in public comparatively scantily clad, they have access to pornography and prostitution, and they can rape women mass scale.

    Let's compare this to the MGTOW bunch. They are frustrated in their interactions with women. They have no loyalty towards Joe Bob and his six baby mommas living off of their tax dollars. They withdraw from society and focus on working, going home and getting drunk and stoned, playing video games, and masturbating to pornography on the internet. The lifestyle is not without it perks given the situation and they are actually fairly happy worker ants given the luxuries of modern society. Everyone is relatively happy given the situation. The women want to bring more migrants in and the men will of course give them what they asked for as they always do. They will walk up to the rampaging hordes and say "Here is the key to the city. Rape and pillage all you like. The women here are dying to meet you." They know they can not join the rampaging, raping hordes as they are easily identifiable and held accountable for their actions. So, they will go back to their jobs and lives, hunker down and enjoy life as much as they can.

    Legalizing drugs, prostitution, and gambling would be one step towards creating an outlet for many people. It could also generate revenue that could replace tax dollars. Perhaps when Western Civilization has been sufficiently eroded, MGTOW and the migrants can go rampaging off into the sunset together as one big, happy explosion of testosterone rage.

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