Mexico looses a Priest in a Murder "Hit".

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    The body of a Catholic priest who disappeared August 18 in Michoacán was found Saturday.

    Miguel Gerardo Flores was last seen after celebrating mass in the village of Matanguarán in the municipality of Uruapan. His body was found some 70 kilometers away in Múgica, the state Attorney General’s office said.

    Originally from Zacatecas, Flores was ordained in 2007 and was parish priest of Santa Catarina de Alejandría in Jucutacato, where he also directed a family center for youth. He belonged to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

    The Catholic church says it had recorded 22 assassinations of priests between December 2012 and last April, making Mexico one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America for priests.

    According to unofficial sources, Flores’ hands and feet were bound and there were signs he had been tortured but authorities have said little about the case.

    Church officials in Michoacán yesterday ruled out the possibility of involvement by organized crime, suggesting the motive might have been robbery because Flores’ vehicle had not been recovered.

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