Men with a rifle force their way into Australia, where they banned them.....

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    Yep...gun crime in Australia is on the rise.....Melbourne, Australia is now called the City of the Gun........this is after they banned and confiscated guns........and now they have brought in immigrants who are forming drug gangs....

    'Gun Violence' Never Happens in 'Gun Free' Australia. Except When it Does - The Truth About Guns reports that Cranbourne resident Andrew Lyons was supervising his 16-year-old daughter and her four friends (i.e. staying out of their way) when there was a knock on the door . . .

    Andrew Lyons, 38, said he was grabbed by the throat and punched in the mouth by a male youth after opening the door of his Marklin St home at 11.30pm Saturday night.

    As he was fighting off his attacker, he noticed there was a gun pointing directly at him by another offender.

    “He lunged toward me and grabbed my by the throat and punched me in the mouth,” the father of three told the Herald Sun.

    “Then two other guys stepped up onto the landing and one had a rifle with a scope on it.”

    Mr Lyons said he lunged back at his attacker, causing him to fall over and allowing the dad enough time to lock the front door.

    We interrupt this harrowing tale to bring you a headline from Reuters dated October 2016: Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting.

    It stops being a huge success when it starts being you. And your daughter. And four of her friends. So, locked door. Thugs on the other side . . .

    A shot was then fired into the front entrance of the home, with the bullet traveling through the lounge room and striking a wall on the opposite side of the room.

    “I just ran straight to the kids’ room and locked the door and then ran to my daughter’s room,” Mr Lyon said.

    Now there’s a scenario for you: an unarmed defenseless father and five teenagers hiding from three intruders who’ve shown that they are ready, willing and able to use deadly force.
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    People are murdered every week in Melbourne and Sydney.
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