Melania's Cartoon Rescue [Archangel Comics]

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    This is a TrumpUSA-patriotism vignette about the First Lady, superheroes, media, and terrorism.

    It's inspired by Mars Attacks! and My Fellow Americans.

    Signing off,



    "Melania Trump was in serious trouble with the FBI and the CIA, since it was exposed she was having an affair with a handsome Algerian-American man named Ajay Satan who was living in D.C. Ajay turned out to be a rogue terrorist, spy, Internet-hacker, and explosives-expert working for the two terrorist groups ISIS and Cobra. Now, the FBI/CIA was busy generating 'false crime charges' to simply 'brush' Mrs. Trump away from the spotlight. When interrogated, the exhausted First Lady explained she was simply weary of hearing about more and more of her husband's sex-scandals in the press and wanted a 'love-life' of her that was discreet and more dignified!"


    "Unfortunately, the damage was done, since Ajay had sold photos of her and Melania to the tabloids and was now coordinating a serious invasion by Cobra from Canada into New England. Ajay Satan intended to use the sub-culture hysteria associated with this First Lady scandal to 'justify' a land-invasion by revolutionary terrorists who despised America's brand of 'frivolous morality.' Ajay sent a notice to the Washington Post declaring Cobra's intention to invade the USA. The White House ordered the CIA to assemble its secret unit of 'superheroes' (superhuman vigilantes, mostly masked/costumed, some of whom were actually Hollywood actors using celebrity-status to camouflage their work for the U.S. government!)."


    "This American unit of superheroes, known as 'G.I. Joe' were ordered to tackle this Cobra invasion and stop it. Joe commander Duke suggested that Cobra (led by Ajay Satan) would invade from Canada, and Duke general Shipwreck agreed. The Joes assembled fortification forces in New England and Seattle. Duke computer-wizards Snake-Eyes and Lady Jaye assembled special computer defense algorithms to make sure that Cobra forces did not disrupt computerized border-patrol/security systems prior to the invasion."


    "When the invasion began, with Cobra (led by Ajay Satan) invading Maine from Canada on the East Coast rather than the West Coast, the Joe-forces assembled in that sector were ready and waiting. Apparently Cobra had 'created' a genetically-engineered 'super-gargoyle' named Gray Goblin who soared around on a jet-glider and threw pumpkin-bombs, all the while 'seeming' like some kind of tech-equipped vaudevillian 'parade-performer' for the Halloween season. Fortunately, the Joes were able to deal with Ajay Satan, Gray Goblin, and the Cobra forces working with them to invade the USA from Canada. G.I. Joe vizier Scarlett decided to sell the whole story of the engagement to Marvel Comics. Soon, there were countless Gray Goblin comics on the streets, but at least the Cobra invasion was thwarted."


    "Ajay Satan was taken to an interrogation-room and 'interviewed' by Joe-leader Duke. Duke demanded Ajay record an apology-statement declaring that First Lady Melania Trump was an unwitting pawn in this entire terrorism-exercise and she was simply and savagely exploited in a time of great media-scandal related domestic values stress. Ajay had no choice but to record the confession for Duke, and Duke sent it to the Washington Post and CNN, and soon Melania's name was cleared from all this terrible terrorism-mess. President Donald Trump tweeted, 'Melania is home and safe, which is the first priority!' Meanwhile, Cobra terrorist-operator Serpentor (a man cloaked like a 'rogue sheikh') sent the note to the Post, 'Melania may be safe, but Donald is not immune from modern criticisms about American vice'."


    "American media super-celebrities Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise decided to adapt this entire terrorism-drama for their new comic book enterprise Archangel Comics, which was envisioned by artist/writer/illustrator William Gibson. Hanks/Cruise wanted Archangel Comics to cover all this social intrigue and political drama and perhaps even cast the First Lady as a sort of 'patriot-heroine.' That's just what Archangel Comics did, and it made millions with its special terrorism-series of comics, which Hollywood (USA) film-maker Michael Bay then adapted into two full-length films (starring Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise!) titled Professor X and Cobra and The American Team."


    "As Archangel Comics became a 'pop-culture phenomenon,' Michael Bay said in an interview he was thrilled to have made so much money with his symbolic Armageddon, Transformers, and Archangel Comics films. Media was focusing on the global intrigue associated with governance, security, and terrorism. President Trump tweeted, 'The popularity of patriotic films since 9/11 affirms in Americans the inherent belief that media can affect real passions'."





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