Meet the Libyan Opposition!

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    All in all, these guys so far sound more or less OK. I wish them luck. One thing I have noticed is that so far on their website I havn't seen one refference to Islam. I have seen refference to democracy, I have seen refference to economics, I have seen refference to privitization, but not one single refference to Allah or to Islam.

    Council members | The Libyan Republic - The Interim Transitional National Council

    They appear to be dedicated to creating a constitutional democracy in Libya, not an Islamic Republic. It would appear the Bush Doctirine is alive and well and paying dividends. Do I expect thet Islamists will attempt to gain influence? Yes. Do I expect they will succeed in gaining at least some? Yes. Do I expect at least a degree of temoporary backsliding? Yes But that is part and parcdel of the doctrine. People who have a voice do not need to scream with bombs strapped to their chest. Liberty and democracy in conjunction are the greatest moderating influence the earth has ever known.

    The fact that this group appears to want to set up a democracy ruled by constitutional principles (which they will determine) is somewhat promising.

    Now if Obama would only end the illegal military actions of this administration by going to the Congress and getting the required Congressional authority to make doing the right thing, right to do.

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