Medicaid reduced by $1 trillion in GOP plan

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    Do not know if already posted I did look so sorry if duplicate...

    WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) -- House Republicans propose to trim more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade by reworking and cutting Medicaid, a program of public health care coverage for children, pregnant mothers, disabled and poor.

    House budget chief Rep. Paul Ryan is so far the only Republican who has offered concrete proposals to reform Medicaid. His proposals are controversial and face a tough uphill battle with Democrats in the White House and Senate.
    In their 2012 budget unveiled Tuesday, Republicans would get savings from Medicaid in two ways.

    -- Reversing current health care laws: Due to the health care reform law approved last year, Medicaid is slated for a big expansion to cover millions of uninsured who currently make a little too much to qualify for the program. The Congressional Budget Office has previously estimated the expansion of Medicaid, by itself, would cost $430 billion over the next 10 years. However, repeal of the entire health care plan increases budget deficits.

    For more read here:
    Medicaid - GOP proposal would save $1 trillion - Apr. 5, 2011

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