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    Frankly, I did not watch the debate the other night. I never waste my time watching debates. Debates are media events programmed to drum up interest in media opinions. The Candidates talk for an hour while talking heads go on and on for days. Just reading the headlines on the Net the next day tells me everything I would have arrived at had I watched.

    The chattering class told me that Romney won the debate, although I’m not sure what he won. Hussein’s base might be disappointed in his performance, but they sure as hell are not voting for the guy who made their messiah look bad. Conversely, Romney’s base cannot vote for him twice because he bitch-slapped a dumbbell on national television.

    In any event the basic question remains: Has the parasite class grown large enough to win a presidential election without any votes from the productive members of society? Hussein & Company obviously think the answer is yes. Just for insurance they are beefing up the numbers by promising more free stuff to more people as well as fighting like hell to overturn voter ID laws so illegal aliens can vote, too.

    It ain’t over til it’s over —— and it will never be over

    On November 7th the spread between Hussein’s losing vote count and Romney’s winning number will tell Democrats one important thing —— the number of additional parasites they need to win in 2016. Blocking repeal of the Affordable Care Act will provide a big chunk of the number needed to win in 2016.

    In addition, abolishing the Electoral College will be the pièce de résistance if it can be done before 2016; if not 2016, then 2020 or however long it takes. Like I said, it will never be over.

    Notice that I said abolish rather than amend the Constitution. Efforts to abolish have been underway for a long time:

    Here’s an audio for an accurate analysis of the issue:

    Closing on a lighter note Hussein wishes he could make Romney go away like the little man in the song:

    Here’s the song Hussein is singing these days:


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