Media Devil Era (Fiction?)

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    This is a modernism/media parable inspired by G.I. Joe comics, The Truman Show, The Social Network, Hackers, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    Signing off,



    A group of paramilitary crusaders, democracy-defenders known as 'G.I. Joes' were hand-picked by the Trump Administration to ensure that North Korea nuclear-missile test controversies did not interfere with the Winter Olympics in South Korea. President Trump organized the G.I. Joes during Labor Day 2017, when the nuclear-crisis with North Korea really began, giving the super-team just less than one year to solve this nasty problem. The G.I. Joes referred to the modern terrorism/fascism problem as the 'Cobra Cave.' Well, the G.I. Joes successfully dealt with the problem (as the CIA/NSA took over!), and the Winter Olympics went smoothly(!). President Trump awarded some of the G.I. Joes honorary politics and military-related teaching positions at Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA).


    Unfortunately, the G.I. Joes did not all keep in touch, as they drifted apart once peace began to settle in and political crises subsided. It was surprising (especially to President Trump) who really believed the G.I. Joes would all bond together forever and live together as one hip vibrant community of friends, husbands and wives (etc.) akin to the community-chic social network themed 1990s TV series Melrose Place(!). Well, it was no Melrose Place daydream. The Joe leader (Duke) and field consultant (Falcon) and field-combat female strategist (Scarlett) parted ways with Joe assassin (Snake-Eyes) and field-operative (Flint) and eco-terrorism consultant (Pythona) who separated and became part of the 'Seton Hall Team' (SHT). SHT was much more hip than the other 'more mainstream Joes' who took up positions in the CIA. SHT included a few other members too (including a Hollywood celebrity and one more female Joe member named Mara). Snake-Eyes, who always (always!) wore a head-gear and sunglasses and scrappy gloves believed idealistically that SHT was the foundation for 'friendship storytelling' and became a comic-book writer and comics-art assistant professor at Seton Hall University(!).


    Pythona and Mara began collecting vintage paintings of pirates and colonial sea-travel times and marketed/hyped these paintings as symbolic of new age optimism regarding social networking related intrigue (e.g., WikiLeaks). Pythona and Mara believed that intellectual property was the new world intrigue, so pirates and sailors symbolized a kind of modernism 'angst' regarding customs, etiquette, and contract presentations. Pythona married SHT member Ty, and Snake-Eyes married Mara. SHT lived together (somewhere in New Jersey!), and they had picnics, celebrated Easter in lavish costume parties, and Pythona and Mara gave annual Seton Hall lectures about the legacy of pirates and new world definitions of piracy(!). Pythona and Mara were even offered the chance to appear in the Pirate Radio movie sequel (starring George Clooney and directed by Leo DiCaprio --- his directorial-debut!).


    All of this excitement was made possible by new age media-tech developments and commitment of computer-tech and engineering firms (as well as the NSA!) in designing sophisticated anti-virus software and algorithm-integrity decoders to ensure that hackers and terrorism-minded hackers did not infiltrate computer networks on American soil and create undesirable 'turbulence.' SHT member Guy became a special consultant for Ridley Scott as he started developing Alien sequel films about 'cyber-creatures' resembling the iconic 'Xenomorph' predatory alien creatures presented in the original Alien films. Scott had the idea of using the Native-American casino Mohegan Sun (in Connecticut, USA) and its industrious computing networks to present these fictional cyber-Xeno creatures (as spawned algorithm devastators!). It was a great media-era thrill, and President Trump lamented that SHT was not still 'in league' (in friendly cahoots) with the other G.I. Joes (e.g., Duke and Scarlett). Nevertheless, at least the North Korea paranoia was finally subsiding!


    GOD: Don't dismay at the fractures in G.I. Joe.
    SATAN: No, I'm impressed with the feats of SHT!
    GOD: Yet, you seem worried about Duke/Scarlett/Flint (etc.).
    SATAN: Yes the 'CIA Joes' separated from the 'Seton Hall Joes.'
    GOD: That's reality for ya...
    SATAN: What will North Korea and ISIS make of this split?
    GOD: They needn't concern themselves with that.
    SATAN: Are you worried that stories about 'team-fractures' will tempt terrorists?
    GOD: Of course!
    SATAN: Well, SHT has done much to 'carry the torch' for the ideals of G.I. Joe
    GOD: Yes, and the CIA-Joes have produced much on their own!
    SATAN: President Trump must be very pleased...
    GOD: Don't expect a G.I. Joe Easter Reunion Party (necessarily) however.
    SATAN: I won't, since this isn't a Melrose Place fairy-tale.
    GOD: Terrorism (e.g., 9/11) wouldn't be real if social-networking was a 'daydream.'
    SATAN: Well, sometimes it feels like a true nightmare (e.g., WikiLeaks).
    GOD: Maybe the 1974 Netherlands World Cup soccer-crew (Cruyff, et. al.) are still buddies.
    SATAN: That's an odd comment; it's difficult to coordinate 'quests' with 'friendship.'
    GOD: That's the new 'face' of networking dissatisfaction, but nothing is perfect...
    SATAN: In that case, I predict a future-city will see the same old problems (e.g., piracy)!



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    I'm glad you told us that it's fiction!

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