Media: Bias and Business Decisions. The Citizenry is the Casualty.

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    Media: Bias and Business Decisions. The Citizenry is the Casualty.

    New York Times, Washington Post Defend Against Politico's Media Bias Claims (UPDATE)

    We are the 'people' are the casualty of the media mess, but they are only playing to our collective and personal prejudices and ignorance.

    I don't know how many times I was called a neocon or a left wing loon, because I did not buy into certain media echo chambers and parrot their false messages.

    On the right we have people that will say the NYT or WaPo do not report what they see or hear on FOX News. That comes form FOX News telling them that. But there is always a nugget of truth in a lie -- NYT and WaPo do not offer the spin that FOX would.

    Same with MSNBC followers. Kieth was notorious for being out in left field. Poor Ed Schultz followed the money and went with the Progressive left following the Pied Piper Doktor Dean...and we have left progressives and populists aping the right wing in order to 'equal' the playing field. Problem is people forget it's all a game of bullshit.

    people justify anything for the good of a false ideological cause. People are being manipulated by sophisticated players and have no clue. :eusa_hand:


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