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    Take this quiz to measure your heart IQ.

    1. Which is the leading cause of death in adult women?
    a. Breast cancer
    b. Colon cancer
    c. Heart disease
    d. Diabetes

    2. Aim for a healthy weight. Your BMI should be:
    a. Greater than 30
    b. Between 25 and 30
    c. Between 20 and 25
    d. Less than 20

    3. Aim for a blood pressure:
    a. Less than 120/60
    b. Less than 140/80
    c. Greater than 100/40
    d. Less than 100/40

    4. The greatest risk for heart disease comes from:
    a. A high-fat diet
    b. A high-sugar diet
    c. Lack of exercise
    d. Smoking

    5. Which other disease puts you at much higher risk for heart disease?
    a. Gastric reflux
    b. Diabetes
    c. Hashimoto’s disease
    d. Glaucoma

    6. Your total cholesterol should measure:
    a. Less than 100
    b. Between 150 and 200
    c. Between 200 and 250
    d. Between 250 and 300

    7. The American Heart Association recommends a diet containing:
    a. Less than 5 percent of calories from fat
    b. Less than 10 percent of calories from fat
    c. Less than 20 percent of calories from fat
    d. Less than 30 percent of calories from fat

    8. Which is the preferred dietary fat?
    a. Saturated fat
    b. Trans fat
    c. Monounsaturated fat
    d. Polyunsaturated fat

    9. What do you need to look at first when reading food labels?
    a. Calories per serving
    b. Grams of fat per serving
    c. Servings per container
    d. Grams of protein per serving

    10. Including at least 25 grams a day or more of what nutrient helps lower your risk for heart disease?
    a. Fiber
    b. Protein
    c. Carbohydrates
    d. Vitamin E

    For answers go to:

    Note: For those of you interested in health, the Sacramento Bee publishes a nutrition quiz on a wide range of health topics that is very educational. If interested go to and do a search for “nutrition quiz”. The columnist is Gwen Schoen.
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    Not as many pills to remember to take helps heart patients stay on medication...
    Heart Patients More Likely to Take Medication When in Single Pill
    September 07, 2013
    WASHINGTON — Many patients who have heart disease or who have suffered a stroke don’t take their medications as regularly as prescribed. One study shows that a number of stroke patients stop taking their pills within three months after having a stroke. A new study in Britain finds that if patients with heart disease can take a single pill instead of several pills, they are more likely to stay on their medication.

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    Thanks very much for posting this.

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