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    Nothing pumps me up more than having a respected conservative journalist agree with me:

    George Will: Take Congress, not W.H.
    By: Tim Mak
    March 2, 2012 08:33 AM EST

    George Will: Take Congress, not White House -

    I can say George Will agrees with me rather than I agree with him because for more than a year I’ve been saying focus on Congress. Not only can conservatives take control of Congress in this election they have an opportunity to replace at least two RINO, Senators Olympia Snowe and Richard Lugar, with real conservatives.

    Also, once Congress stops Hussein in his tracks a superduper majority is guarantied in the midterms. The parasite class are the only ones accusing the Congress of not doing enough. That’s doublespeak for not doing enough to implement a totalitarian Socialist theocracy.

    William Kristol disagreed with George Will. I can understand him disagreeing, but I cannot understand what he meant by this:

    Congress can repeal Hillarycare II. Every Democrat who refuses to vote to override Hussein’s veto will pay the price in the midterms.

    Nobody is going to stop an oil-rich country like Iran from going nuclear so long as North Korea, Russia, and China sell nuclear technology and materials to the ayatollahs. The real challenge is what to do after Iran has nuclear WMD? It will all come down to retaliation. Can anyone say with certainty how Romney/Gingrich/Santorum stand on that score? The country knows how the current crop of senators feel about it. EVERY DEMOCRAT & EIGHT RINO voted to reduce America’s retaliatory arsenal by ratifying the New START Treaty.

    Yes it can. Start by approaching the problem differently. Instead of letting Beltway wise guys define the problem do something else to address the debt crisis. Shutting down the Federal Reserve would be a good start. Repealing the XVI Amendment would be even better. So long as the crooks continue speaking in the same economic double-talk the country will get the same results. That’s one of the reasons I do not trust Romney. “I’ll do this and I’ll do that because I have experience.” amounts to the same economic crapola that got the country to where it is at now.

    Congress, not the president, controls the Defense budget. It is only a matter of standing up to the president when he tries to gut the military even further. Incidentally, what the hell did the current crop of senators think they were getting when they confirmed Hussein’s man Leon Panetta —— a man with a communist background.

    The senate can refuse to confirm any of Hussein’s nominees to the federal bench.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’d like nothing better than to see Hussein gone. Gingrich/Santorum/Romney offer more of the same.


    The last thing the media wanted was the public focusing on congressional races knowing that a RINO is as good as a Democrat. So the MSM pulled out all stops trying to keep the American people focused on the presidential race. Did it work? The answer lies in how many conservatives sit this one out à la Bob Dole, and John McCain, rather than vote for yet another ‘business as usual’ RINO/CINO. Bottom Line: No matter which pseudo-conservative gets the nomination he better have a voter magnet on the ticket stronger than was Sarah Palin or he will suffer the landslide defeat that was heading McCain’s way.

    Establishment Republicans will unite behind the eventual candidate just as Democrats will vote for their guy. The media is trying to sell the notion that conservatives are Republicans because they ain’t Democrats. That’s the con job behind “Republicans must unite behind our candidate in order to beat Obama.” Muslims would have more success claiming “You must be a Muslim because you ain’t a Christian.” That crap does not work in religion and it should not work in politics either.

    There is only one way to lose the presidency and win the election. Conservatives must come out in force and vote for conservative congressional candidates.

    Finally, I offer two scenarios for consideration:

    1. The year is 2017; four years after a RINO president was elected —— along with a super-majority in both Houses of Congress. Not one unnecessary federal bureaucracy was shut down. Every necessary bloated bureaucracy grew in size. New federal bureaucracies were created. The EPA grew in influence. The United Nations continued to influence domestic and foreign policy decisions. The Department of Education’s budget tripled. ACORN, Planned Parenthood, PBS, the National Endowment for the Arts, along with countless entities advanced socialism’s agenda with tax dollar funding. It was all okay because a Republican was president.

    2. The year is 2017; Hussein’s second term has ended. A Republican super-majority, dominated by true conservatives, in both Houses stopped Hussein in his tracks in everything from executive orders to recess appointments. Not one of his nominees was confirmed for any job. Not one bureaucratic regulation was implemented. The debt ceiling was not raised. No stimulus packages or bailouts were authorized. Everything Hussein did in his first term was reversed by legislation, or overturned by the courts.

    Now ask yourself which of the two scenarios you want to see become reality?

    Let me close with my thoughts on the media’s crapola surrounding this election:

    [ame=]Hank Snow - Movin' On 1967 - YouTube[/ame]
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