McCain's top 3 priorities...

Discussion in 'Congress' started by KMAN, Aug 16, 2008.

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    1. End the Iraq War.
    2. US Energy Independence
    3. Affordable Healthcare for all Americans

    Works for me....

    Looks like the only difference between the 2 candidates on the Iraq War is Obama want's immediate withdrawal from Iraq and McCain wants to wait until Iraq is secure, which appears to be within a year or 2, so we don't have to go back in 5 years and fight more terrorism...

    The difference in US energy independence is McCain wants to do anything possible to gain independence and Obama wants you to get tune ups, inflate your tires properly and wait for alternative energy to become affordable... How soon will it be affordable for lower income families is my question Lower income families are always the last to be able to afford new technology...

    The only difference in healthcare is Obama wants to raise taxes so the government can tell you want healthcare providers you get and McCain wants to give more money back to the people so they can continue to use their current family doctor or pediatrician...

    Works for me.

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