Mayor bloomberg throwing american students and their parents under the bus.

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    On C-Span discussion on HIGHLY SKILLED IMMIGRANTS AND THE U.S. ECONOMY. Bloomberg urged educating illegal aliens and importing foreign professional students when we do not have jobs even for American professional graduate students and making it harder for them to go to college. We do not need to educate or import any workers. Skilled or unskilled.

    Bloomberg is out of touch with American business and workers. Business are not hiring because of lack of skilled or unskilled workers. They are not hiring because 14 million Americans are unemployed and unemployed do not buy products and services that support businesses. Bloomberg is saying that we need more foreign skilled and unskilled workers to create jobs for Americans. Bucket of Shit.

    If we made it easier for American students to go to college they will start business and create jobs.

    The reason other countries are doing better than us is because they put education their children first and building the best military.

    Another reason American students are not going to college is because illegal aliens, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled have taken jobs from their parents and lowered the wages and they cannot afford to send their children to college. 14 million unemployed American and 8 million employed illegal aliens are proof of that. And 8 million illegal aliens are not picking lettuce and cotton.

    What has hurt our economy the most is the cost of illegal immigration. Anchor babies, education, healthcare, social service benefits, law enforcement and incarcerations, gangs, drugs and crime.

    Only US government can create jobs that will put people to work and stimulate business to hire. Government cannot create private sector jobs and its not their job.

    Any fool know that illegal aliens do not create jobs and stimulate the economy.

    Bloomberg; “If we deported illegal aliens, we would have to import our food and it would cost more.“ We already import more of our food than we should because it cost less then growing it ourselves.

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
    Sinclair Lewis

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