Mayor Bloomberg is an embarasment.

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    With the recent statements from NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg making their rounds on the internet web sites, the more I am glad he is not my elected Representative.

    That last quote is very fact all of it is misleading and plain out wrong.

    For many years I lived in NJ (24 years to be exact, thank God I got out of that hell hole a long time ago) and NJ self defense law is anything but self defense. You are NOT allowed to protect your property or your family, you must flee. If a criminal invades your home and you are on the first floor, even if that intruder has a weapon, you must flee your own residence and call law enforcement. If you are on a higher floor and have a viable escape you must take it rather than defend your property. You can only defend yourself IF you are directly attacked and with equal force. If the invader has a gun, you can not fire upon the intruder until he fires at you first.

    Thats not defense, thats praying to God that the intruder is a bad shot because if he're dead. No defense there.

    Defending yourself, your loved ones and your property shouldnt have to require a law allowing it.

    Mayor Bloomberg is just so anti gun that he refuses to see the facts that the states with concealed carry permits and more liberal gun laws have less gun crime. Simply because the criminals never know who is armed and dont want to die themselves.

    To do away with self defense laws is an insane thing to do. But whats more insane is to believe that self defense laws initiate more crime.

    As with any law, there are those that will use the law to "excuse" their actions.

    These politicians are using this Martin / Zimmerman incident to push their agendas, same as they did with the Virginia Tech shootings, the Columbine shootings, etc...

    I guess the old saying is correct, never let a crisis go to waste. Use it to push forward with your agenda.

    When will politicians grow up and stop this nonsense?

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