Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Measure that Saves Marine's Job

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    Massachusetts lawmakers passed an amendment on Monday expected to save the job of a public high school ROTC instructor who refused to pay teachers union fees.

    State senator Richard R. Tisei introduced legislation last week on behalf of Maj. Stephen L. Godin, a retired Marine and ROTC instructor who was told he'd get the ax if he didn't chalk up a $500 teachers union "agency fee."

    Godin, a senior naval science instructor at the Naval Junior ROTC at North High in Worcester, said he receives medical and dental benefits and half his salary from the military and refused to join the union or pay it's "agency fee," which is assessed to offset the union's collective bargaining costs.

    On Monday, Tisei, who is also running for lieutenant governor on the Republican ticket, reintroduced the bill as an amendment to a supplement bill that was passed by the Massachusetts Senate and House. The language added to the bill exempts public school junior ROTC teachers across the state from having to pay union fees. It is now headed to Gov. Deval Patrick's office for signature. He has 10 days to sign it. - Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Measure that Saves Marine's Job

    union thugs lose again.. hooooray for the good guys.

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