MAS Mobilizing Tens of Thousands of Muslims for Tomorrow's Election

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    To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor

    Contact: Mahdi Bray, 202-496-1288, or Mukit Hossain, 703-507-7223, both of the Muslim American Society

    News Advisory:

    MAS Freedom Foundation Center for Electoral Empowerment is determined to ensure that Muslims in America not be taken for granted, politically.

    MAS CEE phone banks have been calling Muslims nationwide to remind them to go to the polls tomorrow and vote. Additionally through the MAS Voting Is Power (VIP) campaign, thousands of robo-calls (Automated phone calls) are being made nationwide to get out the Muslim vote.

    The calls are being heavily targeted towards districts where there is a large Muslim population and heavy Muslim turnout could make a significant difference in the elections. Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas are a few states that have been targeted.

    Also, MAS callers are offering transportation to the polls. The MAS CEE has contacted Muslim taxi drivers in various states, who have volunteered to transport individuals to the polls, especially senior citizens or the physically disabled.

    Callers are reminding Muslims that such important issues as the war in Iraq, civil liberties, immigration, healthcare, education and economic justice will be greatly impacted by the Nov. 7 elections.

    The MAS CEE phone banks are being operated by MAS Youth, chapter members and volunteers. Even MAS Boy and Girl Scout Troops are making calls.

    "We are writing a new page in the history of Muslim civic and political activism in America." Stated Mahdi bray, executive director of MAS Freedom Foundation

    "No longer will our community depend on a few elites who have not engaged the Muslim grass-roots in serious time-tested political work. We have produced a paradigm shift that our community has enthusiastically embraced."

    "The days when a few Muslim activists present a few glitzy photos, posters and action alerts are over. Our community needs more than a few voter registration tables set up sporadically. Through our CEE and VIP program, we have provided a systematic approach to electoral empowerment."

    "Additionally, we have hired and sought the advice of seasoned political activist who really know and understand American politics. We have exchanged inexperience and political posturing for real American political know-how."

    "In short, we have moved from fluff to the real stuff in the civic affairs of our nation. Second class citizenship is not an option for our community. Deeply grounded in our faith, we are moving to a new level in Muslim civic participation in America." added Bray.

    Individuals interested in volunteering for the MAS Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign should contact a MAS local chapter or call toll-free 1888-MAS VIP1

    Also visit the MAS Muslim voter website

    Members of the media are encouraged to visit the Center for Electoral Empowerment and view the phone bank and canvassing activities. The CEE is located at 3606 Forest Dr., Alexandria, VA, 22302.

    For additional information contact: 202-421-3623, 703-507-7223, or 703-998-6525
    So, I can imagine, at the end of the robocall it say's------Vote Democrat.....;)
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    Hmmmmm? I guess it's OK for them to profile themselves ??:dunno:

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