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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Adam's Apple, Oct 18, 2004.

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    Here is a snippy little retort from Margaret Carlson regarding Lynne Cheney: "You couldn't read Lynne Cheney's outburst about a cheap and tawdry trick without thinking that she herself finds homosexuality cheap and tawdry." Now team that up with Elizabeth Edwards' nasty little comment and Mary Beth Cahill's comments, and you catch the idea that the Dems had a deliberate game plan to bring up Mary Cheney in the campaign, and especially in front of a huge national audience. Does anyone really think Kerry's comment about Mary Cheney was not deliberate? You know he could have used Krissy Gephardt's name if he had not wanted to put the spotlight on the Cheneys. The Dems know the cards are stacked against them on the gay marriage issue, so this is their strategy to intimidate the Republicans into not pursuing this issue in the campaign. Forget the lame excuses that they brought it up because they "admired" the way the Cheneys have handled their situation--this is just hot air and a cover for their real scheme.

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