Marco Rubio, the GOP and the DREAM Act

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    "The U.S. senator from Florida offers an alternative to the DREAM Act that could help his party win back some Hispanic voters."

    In the 2008 presidential election Barack Obama received 67% of the Hispanic vote compared to John McCain’s 31%.

    Of the two candidates in that race only McCain had been honored by the National Council of La Raza. And, only McCain had authored an amnesty bill. And, only McCain had opposed an anti-illegal alien ballot initiative in his own state.

    BTW, the initiative that McCain opposed in 2004, Arizona's Prop. 200, received more Hispanic-American votes than President George Bush did.

    And yet with all the pro-illegal alien action, not just talk…action, including McCain's promise on UNIVISION on September 15th, 2008 to present Congress with amnesty legislation on "the first day" of his Presidency, he failed to get a third of the Hispanic vote.

    Marco Rubio, the GOP and the DREAM Act - Florida -

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