Mandatory e-verify enforcement law.

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    That’s real immigration reform.

    The excuse I am hearing from Immigration Reform Forum on C-Span is that immigration enforcement cost too much. Border security, arrest detain and deportation. What immigration reform should consist of is going after businesses that hire cheap illegal labor. Incentive that bring them here and keep them here. Mandatory E-Verify Enforcement Law need to be passed by Congress or States that will go after businesses that hire illegals. If they cannot work they will “self deport” as they have since the economy went bad and that would eliminate the cost of arresting, detaining and deportation and cut the cost of border security because they would not be crossing and border patrol agents could concentrate on drug smuggling.
    Our immigration system is broken because of the 1986 amnesty and failure to enforce our immigration laws. Comprehensive Immigration Reform with legalization (amnesty) with chain migration would cost much more than enforcement.
    The craziest excuse I have ever heard is that we Americans are not reproducing fast enough and we need Mexicans who are and we need them to replace the workforce and pay future Social Security payment. But with 14 million American unemployed and cannot find work with businesses leaving the country and Illegal Aliens taking jobs, where are the jobs going to come from for a population explosion? Who will pay future Social Security for the illegal alien baby boomers that amnesty would create? More immigration? These amnesty advocates are pro- immigration and pro-businesses moving out of the country looking for cheap labor. Import labor and deport businesses? Increasing population as the answer to failing economy? I don’t know what rock Eddie Aldrete has been living under.
    Now another idiot is bringing Jesus into the immigration reform. Ref. Phil Reller. So the answer to our failing economy is cheap foreign labor is like say drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes contribute to the economy with the money they spend. I have never heard such b.s. coming from pro-amnesty advocates.
    States do not need to pass anymore complicated and expensive immigration laws that really don’t work, they need to pass a “Mandatory E-Verify Enforcement law” and go after greedy business that hire cheap foreign labor. They can either hire Americans are leave the country. Round up businesses instead of rounding up Illegal Aliens.
    We have E-Verify system but it is broken because it is not enforced. We have immigration system and it is broken because it is not enforced. Laws will not work if they are not enforced.
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not fix our broken immigration system. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is just a repeat of the 1986 immigration reform that was a failure that led to 20 million Illegal Aliens and millions of anchor babies and will be another expensive failure. Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform is just another “knucklehead” scheme for Hispanic votes and cheap labor for businesses that support politicians.

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