Man gets 20 years in fatal sex

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    This is disgusting!!!! DAMN QUEERS!!!! and it figures PERTH AMBOY!!!!! Hey Jim, think you would like this article, picture in your mind the position in which this took place, eeeewwww!

    MIDDLESEX COUNTY: A Newark man who pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter for asphyxiating a Perth Amboy man while he said he was performing a sex act was sentenced to 20 years in prison yesterday.

    Roberto Velez, 29, who remained silent, bowed his head and covered his face during most of the sentencing proceeding in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Lorraine Pullen.

    Velez was initially charged with the July 8 murder of 50-year-old Pablo Ore and faced 30 years to life in prison before pleading guilty to the lesser charge of aggravated manslaughter and agreeing to accept a sentence of 20 years.

    Pullen ordered Velez to serve 85 percent or 16 years, 8 months and 5 days of the sentence before being eligible for parole. He was given credit for the 789 days he was held at the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center awaiting trial and sentencing.

    The victim's brother, Walter Ore, and sister-in-law Miriam Ore, pleaded for Pullen to sentence Velez to the maximum and told the judge about the pain and suffering they have experienced because of the loss.

    In seeking leniency, Velez's attorney Martin Matlaga told the judge that his client "did not intend to kill, not even hurt" Ore. He said Ore and Velez had an ongoing relationship and that his client was performing a sex act on Ore when he died.

    "It was sexual activity that went terribly wrong. It was not an act of violence, it was an act of passion," Matlaga said.

    Matlaga said Velez and Ore were engaged in sexual activity when Velez embraced Ore's neck from behind putting a sleeper hold on him. The act, Matlaga said, was for sexual gratification.

    Matlaga said when police found Ore's body later that night after receiving a call from Velez Ore was wearing only boxer shorts and was loosely bound.

    Velez, Matlaga said, tied him loosely so he could free himself after he woke up.

    Velez initially told police he was at Ore's home to rob it, Matlaga said, and ransacked the house to make it appear to be a robbery. "But," he said, "That was a cover up because he was ashamed and embarrassed" about the sexual activity.

    Matlaga said Velez called police as he left the house and was later arrested at a friends trailer home in Hazlet.

    Before engaging in sexual activity, Matlaga said, Velez and Ore shared some cocaine.

    Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Pilone in seeking the maximum allowed under the plea agreement, told Pullen the talk about sexual gratification was Velez's version and said "when he did what he did he did not care if Mr. Ore lived or died."

    Authorities said Velez killed the victim during a dispute and then stole cocaine

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