Man Behind Probe Into Fall of Mosul Found Murdered

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    Mohammed Salim al-Fatlawi was found murdered last week on the side of the road between the cities of Babel and Karbala, a security source said.

    ...He reportedly had information about the final communications between Baghdad and Mosul before the city was overrun by the extremists.

    A parliamentary report in 2015 held 36 senior politicians and military officials - including former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki - responsible for the fall of the city.

    Last year, the former governor of Mosul said that authorities "handed over" the city to IS.

    "Mosul did not fall, [it] was handed over to Daesh [IS]. The Federal Police did not fight and withdrew gradually...without firing a single bullet," Atheel al-Nujaifi said.
    Man Behind Probe Into Fall of Mosul Found Murdered

    You gotta love their sources.

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