Making the Connection to France's 9/11

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    On the evening of November 13th, 2015, the most horrific massacre since World War II befell Paris, France. It is now being called, France's 9/11. My deepest sympathy goes out to the French people. My prayers are for the people of France, the families of the slain and the recovery of those who were seriously injured.

    Their loss is our loss. Their pain is our pain. Their enemy is our enemy. America is grieving with France in the aftermath of this horrific attack on their country. We love the people of France.

    Were it not for the French we may not have prevailed against the British in our fight to establish America as an independent and free nation. We owe France a great debt of gratitude. We also owe them the truth.

    Our own government missed important signs which should have signaled that America was vulnerable to an attack by Islamic terrorists. Could that be the case for France's 9/11? I've just read a news report about a group called “The Militants of Palestine” who warned that a terrorist attack was pending against Bataclan Theatre. The reason? IDF border guards and Jewish Gala events had been hosted there.

    As news comes out that the deadliest attack was concentrated on a concert hall full of people, we should question if there is a connection. A you tube video shows young Muslim men with their faces covered delivering a warning outside the doorstep of Bataclan in 2008. They were identified as the Militants of Palestine.

    According to another report, a French Jihadist told intelligence agents months ago, that he was ordered by Abdelhamid Abaaoud to wage a terrorist attack on a “concert hall” and kill as many people as possible. Why that particular concert hall? Is there a connection between the Militants of Palestine and ISIS?

    I am not convinced that the attack on France was solely about Syria. It wasn't Syrian or Iraqi militants that protested and threatened Bataclan with a terrorist attack back in 2008. It was the Militants of Palestine as the you tube video and Israeli report points out.

    If there is a connection between the Militants of Palestine and ISIS concerning the attack on Bataclan, will the people of France be willing to demand justice be served on the Militants of Palestine as they have ISIS? Will they have the resolve to stop rewarding terrorism, even if it means parting ways with the cause of the Palestinian people?

    I believe France needs to come to the realization that the battle Israel has been entrenched in since 1948, is the same battle she is now finding herself in. While France is the home of the French, their guests are attempting to take over the house and make the rules. The French have more in common with Israel than they realize. The wages of appeasement are far too high. The leaders of both France and Israel must take a firm stand against those who have mistaken their kindness for weakness.

    An investigation into the ties between the Militants of Palestine, ISIS and the Bataclan concert hall could reveal a connection, and with it? A decision to unite with those who are for peace and depart from those who are not.

    There can be no peace without unity and there can be no unity with violence. Violence and peace cannot abide under the same roof. It's time to serve an eviction notice and restore the peace in Paris.
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