Major Danger Of Romney-Ryan: "Reagan Trajectory III"

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    Not since Senator Barack Obama explained to the planet, indirectly, that the Ivy League was actually totally on-board with Reaganomics, has: "So much been Owed By So Many, to So Few(?)!" In fact, even now--subsequent the Romney-Ryan, Wall-Street-Supportive, mortgage bundling--"Has so much been owed by so many people: To Nobody Knows How Many At All(?)!"

    At any rate, the increase of Total Net Credit is about $2.0 tril. per year.

    FRB: Z.1 Release--L.1--Credit Market Debt Outstanding--June 7, 2012

    1) Money is no longer a commodity. Jesus knew talents and denarius types of commodity money. Even paper currencies are only rarely exchanged anymore.

    2) The Total Credit Market of all notes owed is far larger than just the insignificant federal deficit.

    3) The Credit Market, further, is only in trouble when income is insufficient to meet its terms.

    4) Mortgage holders were unable to meet terms subsequent the second failed "Reagan Trajectory" of Bush-Cheney. Like in Reagan-Trajectory I, of Reagan-Bush, what deficit there was got spent on the already prosperous. That outcome of Reagan-Trajectory I became the Clinton Administration, and the more consumer-friendly purchasing market of those years. The outcome of Reagan-Trajectory II became the Obama-Biden Administration--And Democrats in control of everything, excepting the Ivy League.

    4a) For its part,the Clinton Ivy League Administration commenced providing more kept income to lower income tax filers: With equal amount tax credits. Arithmetic was under way.

    4b) Bush-Cheney, also of the Ivy League, failed to note that subsequent the Raised and Indexed Standard Deduction, and Personal Exemptions, of the 1986 U. S. Income Tax Reform--and then the Clinton Tax Credits--that actually well over a third of federal income tax filers had no income tax liability, anymore.

    4c) The Bush-Cheney Tax Cuts, subsequent 9/11, failed twice to provide any genuine lubrication--and subsequent stimulation--of the economy. An increasing sector of the marketplace got zero income tax relief.

    4d) No one knows why, but the usual Ivy League Teaching--"Lubricate, then Stimulate" if you really want a major bang for the buck--never got discussed in public(?)!

    4e) Instead, "Iraq" got discussed, and eventually high-tech spending cost overruns at the Pentagon would not be discussed(?). Then Senator Biden would eventually note the lack body armor, weapons, and ammunition in the field--at some point, during this time.

    5) Bush-Cheney were clearly not purchasing-friendly years. Bush-Cheney failed to saturate incomes at all levels with additional spending largesse.

    6) Obama-Biden provided purchasing-friendly measures, in the Refundable Make-Work-Pay Tax Credit, but that was not even one third of the post-TARP lubricated(?), subsequent Stimulation(?), Ivy League economy of the liberals. The TARP lubrication went primarily to billionaires and millionaires. Obama-Biden took some of it and kept General Motors functioning, and those workers. That was really not that much of it all. At least "Government Motors" had funny new, "entrepreneurial" name.

    6a) Mainly financial houses had discovered that the market unfriendly, Ivy League supported, "Reagan Trajectory:" Had no concept of the new modern money. That money is of the Total Credit Market. The terms of that market could not be met. Bush-Cheney did manage to see to that!

    6b) Just magically it was arranged that Jews would be the first to find this out! Siblings houses would find this out(?).

    7) The Stock Market surged, post-March-2009, and even Bureau of Labor Statistics has trouble finding labor force participants, anymore.

    7a) It is not shown that Obama had raised his hand, parted the Atlantic, and let the Hispanics flee, for example(?)!

    7b) Tea Party at least can guess where the Labor Force actually went.

    7c) Not even low-income Americans were really into looking for work: It was shown.

    7d) As for College Educated Americans: Avoiding Labor Force Participation still goes daily without saying! Rep. Ryan discovered what became of all the Obama posters!

    8) The Republicans, however, took the Refundable Make-Work-Pay Tax Credit away, so Obama-Biden came up with the Payroll Tax Holiday, which expires in January.

    9) What is currently manageable, still needs a purchasing-friendly marketplace.

    10) In contrast, Romney-Ryan intend Reagan-Trajectory III: To take any spending or low income tax breaks away--a reliance on a 20% lowering of tax rates will be zero income increase to 50% of the lower income market that has no current federal income tax liability. Taking spending away will again keep hoarding among the already prosperous, even and even all over again. What deficit there is will go to the Pentagon--famously at final costs exceeding 40% of original budgets! That is what Engineers and High-Tech peoples do!

    11) Anyone has to remember that Americans are an educated people: And not by an English Nanny In Charge--or even some male version, EUNIC, unemployed.

    12) There was a time when people had more sense: And even viable spending dollars, in America!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Young-Brave-That-Rides-With-High-Tech-Unfettered-Precision-And-In-Close-To-Whisper, probably had more sense, and Turquoise(?)!)
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