Lumen Christi Awards - please vote for Lt. Col. Eric Albertson

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    2012 Lumen Christi
    Coming April 30th – the 2012 Lumen Christi Award Finalists!

    Thank you for your tremendous support of our 2012 Lumen Christi Award nominees! Each of these dedicated individuals and groups have been shining the light of Christ in under-resourced Catholic communities across America. Your votes show that they have all made a difference in the lives of the people they serve. Stay tuned to discover which of these inspiring nominees have taken the next step toward the Lumen Christi Award. Finalists will be announced daily, starting April 30th. Visit our Facebook fan page or this site to learn more about the hidden heroes of the Church and show your support in the next stage of online voting!

    2012 Lumen Christi Award Nominees

    Lieutenant Colonel Eric Albertson
    Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA
    More information

    Lt. Col. Eric Albertson is a decorated military chaplain currently deployed in Afghanistan. Father Albertson ministers on the front lines, engaging his troops in prayer and catechesis, and offering these young men and women comfort and compassion in the intensity of a war-torn environment. Even after sustaining direct combat related injuries during his tour of duty, he returned to action quickly, staying by the side of his troops and ensuring that their spiritual needs are being met. His priesthood makes the presence of Christ known to those who sacrifice so much.

    Please go to the link and next to Fr. Albertson's name is a link to vote for him. This is his third deployment in A-stan. He was previously deployed in Iraq twice. He was also deployed in the Bosnia theater, and many other places where our troops are in danger and putting their lives on the line.

    Here you can see a pic of him: Vote Today for Father Eric Albertson, US Army Chaplain

    Here he is sending some of our troops home. He does that almost every day. It gives ME perspective when I want to whine about having a bad day.


    And, he is just basically a cool guy.
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