Lukashenko’s weapons business

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    All over again Lukashenko confirmed his notorious reputation and essence of an odious dictator. While Belarus faces severe economical crisis he started illegal selling of heavy arms to many countries like Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria and some other which are embraced with domestic warfare.
    On July 19 UN made a record in its register about Belarusian deals on the arms market in 2010 and the year seems to be profitable. According to the record in 2010 Lukashenko sold 66 tanks (T-80) to Yemen, one Su-25 to Sudan, two attack helicopters Mi-24 to Nigeria and one to Uganda, Azerbaijan got 30 towed howitzers (122 mm D-30) and one Su-25. It means that Lukashenko commit grave breaches of international laws, provoke conflicts and escalates situation in the highlighted countries!

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