Lower Credit Card Delinquincies Means Time To Borrow(?)!

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    Record inclement weather may explain the slight spike in new unemployment claims, but The Obama Stimulus plan is more likely the explanation for the reduced problems in the credit card industry. That too, will tend to lower initial jobless claims.

    News Headlines

    One thing about the Obama Recovery program so far: Consumers are buying into it.

    In the Great Depression of the Republicans, commencing with Coolidge-Hoover, then even Hollywood was unemployed, and on the breadlines, even though movies could talk(?)! In the New Great Recession of the Republicans, commencing With Bush II, Terms I and II, then in 2009 even Hollywood had a record box office year. Movies were not even irrelevant to the usual life-quality of most people.

    Analysts would tend to compare the temp-help, or "underemployed," with the soup kitchens, breadlines, and street apple vendors of the early 1920's. The actual data seem to support that even though many can't pay even the refinanced mortgages, still that leaves spending money in abundance.

    Consumers making purchases create needs for new inventory. New inventory is a production incentive. Add-in the Stimulus Bump from the Obama-Biden-Democratic Party Stimulus tax cuts, and refundable tax credits: Then even more extra production incentive is being created.

    Then consumers actually paying credit card bills, tends to create even more consumer credit expansion from the socialist lending collectives--so recently bailed out, in order to do so--and even more extra production incentive is created.

    It may be created in Socialist China, but there is still a part of the supply-chain that creates major local area new job numbers, in the zoned areas where the socialist employment collectives are located.

    The Make-Work-Pay Refundable Tax Credit, for tax years 2009 and 2010: Represents a second federal attempt at a national COLA. The COLA-like refundable credit provides cash for spending and payment of credit.

    It is working! Soon likely IRS will publish the totals for new schedule M.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Great Spirit send waters of many nations(?) to former lands of tribes, now under water. Republicans send bailout monies of many nations(?) to lenders. Great Half-Wit Father in Washington send tax cut refundable credits to borrowers. Sleeping Bear hibernating then have no need to notice. Leaping Bull. . . .Hmmmmm! Cockatoos even return to Las Vegas, and Reno, in bodypaint(?)! Not like costumed Tory Sympathizers at rallies, demanding that the poor and foreclosed be taxed instead! Poor People, not taxpayers, not Americans. Need to Die Like Dogs In Vomit In Foreign Wars, with no body armor! Great Half-Wit Father supposed to create overpriced procurements, for rich people, instead(?)! But we digress! )
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