Low Hanging Fruit - don't mix the gays with cowardly straights

Discussion in 'Military' started by rdean, Oct 12, 2009.

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    I find it really hard to believe that so many Arabic translators are "gay". I understand the gays are "smart", but since the Iraq invasion, how can the Military lose so many Arabic translators?

    Also, possibly up to 12,000 soldiers?

    I think that for some, they just want out. They know that all they have to do is say they are gay and home they go.

    I think that many Arabic translators just say they are gay so they don't have to "rat" on their people.

    I think hetero chickens and cowards say they are gay because they know it's an "easy out". Those on the right say, "Come on, no one would ever say they were gay just to get out of the military. It wouldn't be manly".

    But the truth is, "Why not"? Some of those guys could tell a girl, "I got kicked out for being gay. But I'm confused. Help me get over my gayness".

    The "stigma" would last until they dated a girl and then it would be "over".

    The military doesn't investigate. They don't know they kicked out a yellow straight.

    And for those that would lose their benefits? They might just feel glad they weren't maimed or dead.

    I think they need to find another "out". The gays are willing to serve. But it's sad that they get used by cowardly straights and the phobes just let it happen.
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    When I was a legal officer in my first command, we kicked out many "gay" sailors who just wanted out. One woman said she was going to frame that page in the BUPERS manual that allowed her to get out in a very short period of time. She came in to pick up her discharge paperwork with her boyfriend.
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    That doesn't surprise me. Those in command just assume no straight person would ever lie about being "gay". It's just not possible.

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