"Love At First Sight" a poem

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    Our eyes meet, and I am instantly drawn to her
    Like the physical laws of gravity, the force of attraction has me confined

    With every ounce of will, I try my hardest to shift eyes in another direction
    Perplexed by her nature, she finds her way back into my sights

    Never before has a woman stimulated my every emotion
    Never before has a woman looked so pure

    It is not the way her body is flawlessly sculpted that astounds me
    I wouldn’t describe this in the least as lust

    But it’s the way her hair moves with her body as she walks
    as if in harmony with some angelic tune that only she can hear.

    A skeptic of such intimate feelings
    I find myself becoming a believer with every second that passes

    I cannot describe such intoxicating sensation, nor understand it
    And It is because of this fact, that allowing her presence to leave me is not an option

    I collect my thoughts and gain my composure, as I make my way towards her aura
    Electricity flowing through my veins as I am just inches from such gorgeous divinity

    Not only does she acknowledge my presence
    but smiles with an expression reciprocating desire

    Without the disturbance of words, I offer her my hand
    And as she receives in onto hers, I am overwhelmed to discover it fit into my palm…


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