Louisiana's Ex Governor Buddy Roemer Who Was Ousted By David Duke Enters 2012 Race

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    This guy was horrible as Louisiana's governor. The republican voters in Louisiana gave Duke the votes and forced then incumbent Roemer out of the race in a runoff. Duke whipped Roemer in the debates several times on the issues. I don't know why Roemer thinks he can win. He has no name recognition at all. If Duke decides to officially run, he will get more votes than Roemer.

    Buddy Roemer officially kicks off W.H. campaign - Juana Summers - POLITICO.com

    Buddy Roemer formally launched his presidential campaign on Thursday, trying to cast himself as a viable reform candidate instead of the quintessential long shot.

    The former Louisiana governor detailed his “Free to Lead” campaign theme: he’s promising to limit contributions he accepts to $100 per person, swear off PAC dollars and target the influence of Big Money on politics.

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